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Postby kerchi » Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:02 am

Please read the following Rules for the Border Regiment forum. These are here to protect you and ensure a constructive and enjoyable experience.
The Border Regiment Forum is operated by the owner of the Lonsdale Battalion Wiki website.
This forum is powered by phpbb3, a free open source software.

Administration of the Border Regiment Forum reserve the right not to accept registrations of new members.

Registration of more than one account per individual is not permitted.

Membership Suspension and Termination
Please note: Violation of these rules, harassment, abusive behaviour and/or threats against another member will not be tolerated in this forum and any reports of such activity will be taken seriously. If continued, such members will incur a ban, their account suspended or removed from the forum and legal action taken if required.

Membership Legalities
As a member of this forum you are accountable for what you post in it so be careful! This includes the titles, main body of text, personal messages and profile signatures. Think before you write. As a member you agree that the owner/administrator and moderators will not be held accountable for any action taken against you. The owner/administrator and moderators cannot merit the authenticity and accuracy of information posted to the forum by any of its members, nor any personal messages posted to other members or moderators.

Forum Use
Your use of the Border Regiment Forum is subject to the rules shown on this page, therefore, by using this forum you agree to adhere to these rules. These rules significantly apply to the following:
  • New threads that include the title and main body of your post;
  • Replies to other posts;
  • Private messaging;
  • Image uploads.
Please respect other members of the forum by:
  • Not posting messages that are in any way obscene, abusive, racist or sexist;
  • Not using an aggressive tone;
  • Not using profane language
  • Not making any suggestive remarks or statements that could be construed as offensive or derogatory of an any member of the forum, individual, group or business outside of the forum;
  • Not posting irrelevant topics and/or discussions designed to be disruptive;
  • Respecting other members opinions, views or expressions;
  • Respecting all members and treating them equally, whether new or old to the forum, having none, little or encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject matter.

Forum Subject Matter
This forum has been designed with the primary focus of raising topics and discussing matters pertaining to the Border Regiment from inception to present day. All subject matter must adhere to the above. Anything deemed unsuitable will be removed. While some subjects and images can be a little disturbing it is understood that within the confines of these rules discussions and image uploads on the horrors of war will be allowed. Any subject matter or imagery too shocking and/or graphic will be removed from the forum for the general courtesy of others. Any discussions that have largely drifted 'off-topic', and continue to in such a manner, will be locked and/or deleted. Topics and discussions about the following are not accepted:
  • Modern-day politics;
  • Extremist political views relating to modern-day warfare;
  • Personal religious views;
  • Preaching on the rights & wrongs of war.
If any of the above discussions are found they will be removed from the forum. Please do not post messages of the same or similar theme in multiple areas of the forum. Messages posted that are irrelevant to the discussion and designed to distract or disrupt and will be deleted.

Forum Moderators
Please show respect for forum moderators. They are here to help ensure the smooth running of the forum on a daily basis. All moderators have the right, where necessary, to edit, move and/or delete any post added to this forum to maintain adherence to these rules and ensure a positive outcome for each discussion. Personal messages sent to moderators will be replied to as quickly as possible but please bear in mind that some or all moderators have full-time careers and so help out in their own time.

Forum Advertising
The promotion of any commercial activity or personal interests on the forum is not permitted in any way. Images other than your avatar and forum related items are also not permitted. However, you may include a link to such commercial activity or personal interests outside of the forum via your profile signature; this must be kept to a minimum of ten words or less in a font smaller than that of the main body of text. Links to other sites relating specifically to the Border Regiment are permitted. Banners and other advertising imagery are not permitted in the signature, however, imagery relating to non-violating subject matter in the forum is permitted if you so wish. Any such advertising found to be promoting commercial and/or personal interests will be removed.

Copyright Issues
You own the copyright to posts you created on the forum. Do Not break the law regarding copright. Where the publication rights are owned by others, the posting of such material is not permitted in any way unless you have express permission by the copyright holder. This site, the owner or other admin members will not be held accountable for anyone who breaks copyright law.

Reporting Breach of Rules
If you see another member breaching any of these rules then please send a copy of such details to the moderators. If you need to report any message posted to the forum, there is a link at the bottom of every post. Please note that the owner and operator of the Border Regiment Forum reserves the right to, at any time, change and/or modify in part of full, these rules without notice. Members who use this forum do so in accordance with the latest release of these rules.

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