IMPORTANT! Respect your fellow forum members

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IMPORTANT! Respect your fellow forum members

Postby kerchi » Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:46 am

This is formal notice regarding some of the posts that have been appearing over the last couple of weeks.

Having been away recently and working on other projects I was surprised to see a selection of posts that appear to be patronising in nature that read with undertones of negative sarcasm. May I please remind members that this form of posting constitutes abuse and is NOT permitted as stated in the forum rules.

The rules are there to protect everyone.

This is a small (and friendly) forum and I while respect everyone has the right to an opinion, I must reiterate that personal opinions MUST conform to these rules. Please keep things friendly to ensure all members feel comfortable and welcome.

If you notice a mistake in any of the posts on this forum please be polite and courteous if you make a correction. People will not mind if a correction is carried out in this manner. Also, ensure that you always respect other members' opinions and views even if you believe them to be incorrect.

Below is a reminder of the rules about posting:

Please respect other members of the forum by:
Not posting messages that are in any way obscene, abusive, racist or sexist;
Not using an aggressive tone;
Not using profane language
Not making any suggestive remarks or statements that could be construed as offensive or derogatory of an any member of the forum, individual, group or business outside of the forum;
Not posting irrelevant topics and/or discussions designed to be disruptive;
Respecting other members opinions, views or expressions;
Respecting all members and treating them equally, whether new or old to the forum, having none, little or encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject matter.

Thank you.
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