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The use of signatures allows a member to insert a short tributary message usually relating to a relative who fought in the war. Signatures can also be used to for other purposes such as adding links to websites of your own work, however, signatures are NOT permitted for blatant advertising purposes. Any such signatures will be removed. We encourage all members to use a signature in memory of their relative/s.

Here is an example of a standard signature as used by the forum administrator:

Remembering 15309 Lance Corporal John Bardgett of the 11th Battalion Border Regiment.

To add a signature:
    1. Go to your User Control Panel, the link is at the very top of the forum next to message and login/out
    2. Click on the Profile tab
    3. Then click on Edit Signature

From there you will be able to edit your signature using the standard forum formatting tools. Currently, the maximum number of characters is set to 255, which ensures your signature isn't too long. You can change the colour, font and size as well as add links, BBCode and smilies.

To add a signature to a post:
In the text editor ensure to check the box Attach a signature (signatures can be altered via the UCP). This will include your signature into the current post. You will have to do this every time for each post you make. If you do not check this box your signature will not be inserted.
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